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Spain 2017

De La Puríssima

De La Puríssima (SPAIN)
Julia de Castro (vocals & words), Miguel Rodrigáñez (double bass & music), Gonzalo Maestre (drums), Jorge Vera (piano)

Julia de Castro and Miguel Rodrigáñez conceived the De La Puríssima project both on a musical and a dramatic level. Along with two extraordinary musicians, Gonzalo Maestre and Jorge Vera, they form a jazz quartet open to new trends and styles. Their stage performance is characterized by innovation, a fusion of music genders, a vivid interaction with the audience, a sense of humor and a sophisticated style.

De La Puríssima was formed in 2010, when Julia de Castro and Miguel Rodrigáñez met during a jam session. They immediately realized that, besides their love for jazz, they also share the same passion for classical music, as well as for the Spanish music style called cuplé. Their project combines both jazz and Spanish folklore music, creating a new and unique sound.

Their performances are described as «irresistible», «daring» and «exquisite».

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