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Luxembourg 2016

Pol Belardi's Force

David Fettmann (alto saxophone), Jérôme Klein (piano), Pol Belardi (bass & compositions), Niels Engel (drums)

Even while collecting experiences and musical ideas in Amsterdam and Brussels, the young musicians of Pol Belardi’s Force, have always stayed connected to Luxembourg, their country of origin. Their sound is a fresh blend of modern improvisations, drawing influences from alternative rock, pop and hip-hop, without forgetting the classical and jazz tradition. A first full-length album was released in January 2013, featuring a dozen of Pol Belardi’s compositions. As of November 2013, Pol Belardi’s Force had the pleasure to welcome the very talented saxophone player David Fettmann, exploring new ways of interplay and fresh sound textures, which resulted in the release of their new album Delusions of Grandeur in 2014. Discover their original compositions and unique approach to modern jazz together with a big amount of interaction and fun!

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