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Czech Republic

Czech Republic 2016

Kratochvil / Ackerman / Zangi Jazz Trio

Martin Kratochvil (piano), Tony Ackerman (guitar), Imram Musa Zangi (percussion)

The trio of Kratochvil, Ackerman and Zangi has been a staple of the Prague jazz scene for over 30 years. Kratochvil, a Czech jazz legend who was the first to bring jazz/rock behind the Iron Curtain, brings a driving, percussive energy to his piano playing. Tony Ackerman has roots in American folk and blues styles, combining bass, harmony and melody on his 7-string guitar. Imram Musa Zangi has assembled his own original set of instruments to lend both rhythmic intricacy and an unusual range of ethnic colors to the group. Their music combines elements of their three native countries (Czech Republic, USA and Iran), drawing on folk and world music roots, which flower in the raw energy of jazz improvisation.

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