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Cyprus 2016

TriCoolOre feat. Pantelis Stoikos

Pantelis Stoikos (trumpet), Angelos Doukas (keys), Nikos Doukas (electric bass), Vasilis Vasiliou (drums & percussion)

The World Jazz Trio TriCoolOre came together in 2013 in Nicosia. A huge part of their philosophy is the fusing of different musical styles: explosive rhythms are mixed with more nostalgic, traditional melodies. The combination of these distinctive elements gives the trio a unique identity as they bring a Mediterranean touch to the global sound of jazz. Using special rhythmic forms blended with a strong element of improvisation, they manage to break away from stereotypes and follow their personal musical path. In 2015 they released their debut album, Oregano Infused, which includes nine authentic compositions. They have performed in Cyprus, Greece and the United Kingdom. Joining them on this journey is the internationally renowned musician Pantelis Stoikos who is considered to be one of the most creative trumpeters of the Balkans. Stoikos enriches the sounds of his area with elements of jazz and classical music. Among others, he has performed in numerous concerts in Europe, U.S.A., Asia and Australia.

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