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Tunisia 2019

Wajdi Riahi

Wajdi Riahi (piano) | Wassim Benehouma (bass) | Ahmed Litaiem (ney) | Bilel Ben Mansour (drums)

A newcomer talented pianist, composer and member of the Jazz Club of Tunisia, Wajdi Riahi has studied Arab music and mainstream jazz. He presented his first jazz concert, along with members of his country’s Jazz Club in 2015. In 2016 Jazz Club is holding a series of concerts, “Jazz Itinerary”, and Riahi is presenting his work in Belgium where he excels. The following years, Wajdi Riahi is taking part in several projects and albums such as “Darimba” by the Tunisian bassist Wassim Ben Rhouma or “Identity” by the bassist Kays Frihat. At the same time, he forms his own group, “North Africa” which becomes awarded in his own country. Nowadays, Wajdi Riahi continues studying in his field in Belgium.

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