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Switzerland 2019

Septeto Internacional

Michael Fleiner (piano) | Juan Munguia (trumpet) | Dudu Penz (electric bass) | Stephane Joerg «el nino» (conga) | Daniel Bagutti (drums) | Bernhard Bamert (trombone) | «Lolo» Garcia (alto saxophone)

Based in Switzerland and having the pianist and composer Michael Fleiner as a leader, this music ensemble researches, analyzes and eventually presents on stage all sides of Afro-Caribbean and latin jazz music styles. It is a multi-national group, with musicians from Cuba, Brazil, Spain and Switzerland including a hot brass section and a fiery rhythm section offering us original compositions and high-quality latin jazz music with Afro-Caribbean origins, urging us to dance and celebrate with all our senses! The Septeto Internacional is touring Europe and all around the world showing us its hot “coolness” and freshness of latin jazz through a sincerely modern approach.

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