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Poland 2019

Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet

Oskar Torok (trumpet) | Marek Pospieszalski (saxophone) | Joanna Duda (piano) | Wojtek Mazolewski (contrabass) | Qba Janicki (drums)

The rich jazz tradition of Poland is masterfully mirrored in its newest music ensembles, which make music beyond the original jazz fields such as rock in all its forms and therefore enrich more this tradition. The group of the bassist Wojtek Mazolewski offers us music with influences from miles Davis and Eric Dolphy to Aphex Twin and Nirvana while keeping a relatively jazz sound in full and paying tribute to the Polish jazz ancestors. His music reminds us of great Polish jazz masters such as Komeda or Nawyslowski. Their album “Polka”, as well as its worldwide deluxe edition, is proof of the group’s worldwide success.

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