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The Netherlands 2019

Things I Can’t Control

Marzio Scholten (guitar) | Mathijs Leeuwis (pedal steel) | Jimmi Hueting (drums, fx, synths)

The “Things I Can’t Control is the latest album of the Dutch guitarist Marzio Scholten and, at the same time, his most recent project group. A nod to roots music, an American folk genre, it sinks to the deep swamps and thrives to the highest point of this kind of music. Through this tradition and the link to indie rock, Scholten with his Telecaster and his gang-Mathijs Leeuwis with his pedal steel guitar and Jimmi Hueting with his rhythms- are creating a sound with its own style and character. Nice songs, creative improvisational sound, inspiration for beautiful sound landscapes and impulsive unexplored musical chaos are some of the elements of their music.

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