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Lithuania 2019

Dainius Pulauskas Group

The Lithuanian Council for Culture presents

Dainius Pulauskas Group

Dainius Pulauskas (keyboards) | Valerijus Ramoska (trumpet, flugelhorn) | Liutauras Janusaitis (tenor saxophone) | Eugenijus Jonavicius (guitar) | Domas Aleksa (bass) | Augustas Baronas (drums)

The pianist Dainius Pulauskas is one of the leading figures of the Lithuanian jazz scene and his band is one of the most active and influential jazz groups in his country. They are considered the “ambassadors” of the Lithuanian jazz, even though their sound, which belongs to the electronic jazz fusion genre, can proudly stand in both the European and the American jazz scene without any national restrictions. However, Dainius Pulauskas’ fusion has very strong melodic and rhythmical foundations for the last 20 years they have been active in the music industry, thus making it stand out in any international jazz festival.


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