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Estonia 2019

Alfa Collective

Anett Tamm (vocals, keyboard, guitar) | Johannes Laas (guitar) | Taaniel Pogga (keyboard) | Robert Nõmmann (contrabass, electric bass) | Martin Petermann (drums, percussions)

This group started working on their ideas in 2016 and within a year they had become a proper creative team: a quintet working on the songs and the compositions of the lead singer, Anett Tamm, on a musical basis relating to fusion elements such as neo soul, funk etc. as well as blues and jazz with some obvious rock influences. Their first album, under the title “Canvas”, was released last year. It is an eclectic musical journey with a large variety of exquisite sounds and creative rhythm. Alfa Collective often play in local festivals and clubs but they also give concerts in the other Baltic countries.

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