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Czech Republic

Czech Republic 2019

Ondrej Havelka & his Melody Makers

Ondřej Havelka, Rozálie Havelková, Vojtěch Havelka (vocals) | Juraj Bartoš, Jiří Patócs, Michal Krása (trumpets) | Michal Plecitý (trombone)| Pavel Jordánek, Jan Tříska, Martin Tříska, Bedřich Šmarda (saxophones) | Jiří Novák (drums) | Petr Tichý (guitar)| Petr Vlášek (contrabass) | Miroslav Lacko (piano)| Martin Zbrožek, JiříSládek (violins)

A splendid swing band which not only covers American classics and standards of a “golden era” but brings also together folk music of early Czechoslovakia and American swing. So OndrejHavelka and his singers, together with Melody Makers will present us some real trad jazz, true swing and boogie, not for the sake of being in current trends but for essentially loving this music. Ondrej’s history and knowledge is an assurance. His pure talent, his deep education and his musical experience along with his theatrical presence will shine on stage.

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