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Sweden 2018

Isabella Lundgren & Carl Bagge Trio

Isabella Lundgren & Carl Bagge Trio (Sweden) 

Isabella Lundgren (vocals), Carl Bagge (piano), Niklas Fernkvist (bass), Daniel Fredriksson (drums)

Isabella Lundgren is one of the most special jazz singers of Sweden. The quality of her voice and the way she performs has led many people to believe that it’s about time she replaced Monica Zetterlund in this tradition’s top position. However, Isabella Lundgren, through her four albums (It Had to Be You, Somehow Life Got in the Way, Isabella Sings the Treasures of Harold Arlen, Songs to Watch the Moon) seems to focus on classic American jazz standards and blues, following the steps of acclaimed singers such as Billie Holiday and Anita O’ Day. Isabella studied this big jazz tradition in New York before returning to Sweden and starting her own artistic path which is already highly successful.

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