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Norway 2018

Espen Berg Trio

Espen Berg Trio (Norway) 

Espen Berg (piano), Bardur Reinert Poulsen (double bass), Simon Albertsen (drums) 

Following Scandinavia’s rich jazz tradition, Espen Berg Trio walks onto a path which is already internationally accepted and also a powerful chapter of international jazz. Their music is melodic with special rhythmic peaks, narrative and powerful, sealed by the trio’s extremely ingenious improvising style of play. With young, but already seasoned musicians, the trio is considered as one of the most special small ensembles of Norwegian jazz scene, having quite enough distinctions in its resume. Espen Berg Trio’s second album, titled Bolge, was released last year by the Japanese company Blue Gleam and internationally two months ago by Odin Records. It is an album that demonstrates vividly the Espen Berg Trio’s musical and creative virtues.

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