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Netherlands 2018

Under the Surface

Under the Surface (Netherlands) 

JoostLijbaart (drums, percussions), Saane Rambags (vocals), Bram Stadhouders (guitar, electronics) 

It’s a new group that has been created by the drummer Joost Lijbaart – known collaborator of the also known to us saxophonist Yuri Honing – and reflects the mixture of artists of different “generations” in the modern Dutch music scene. Hence, in their first album under the title Under the Surface, a Dutch jazz veteran collaborates with a modern improviser guitarist and a young singer who not only improvises vocally but also knows how to deliver her own scripts and lyrics in a musical way, equivalent to the way the other two musicians improvise. The result is an open, mystical, poetic music that breaks free from labels and targets solely the feeling.

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