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Germany 2018

Sebastian Studnitzky “MEMENTO” orchestral experience

Sebastian Studnitzky “MEMENTO” orchestral experience (Germany) 

Sebastian Studnitzky (trumpet & piano), Paul Kleber (double bass), Tim Sarhan (drums), Olga Holdorff (violin), Katharina Landsberg (violin), Leila Weber (viola), Cornelia Jambrowicz (cello) 

The trumpeter and pianist Sebastian Studnitzky is a special figure of German’s modern jazz scene – and a lot more. As a matter of fact, he is a musician who can easily maneuver through the various fields of jazz, classical and electronic music thus creating new music which stands out for its detailed perfection and minimal grace while it touches pop and jazz perspectives, as modern as they can get, without being consumed by an avant-garde approach. That is the very reason why Studnitzky’s music fits with every trend of the German nu jazz – groovy, instrumental, dance electronica etc. The “MEMENTO” project is his fascinating journey in the field of classical and jazz aesthetics, with a strings ensemble accompanying his trumpet and piano in perfectly narrative and deeply touching compositions – music that has already set him in very high level.

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