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Czech Republic

Czech Republic 2018

Milan Svoboda Quartet

Milan Svoboda Quartet (Czech Republic) 

Milan Krajíc (tenor and soprano saxophone), Milan Svoboda (piano, keyboards), Filip Spálený (bass), Ivan Audes (drums) 

Milan Svoboda is a leading and historic figure for the Czech jazz scene. He has carved his own path as a pianist, composer, conductor and teacher in Czechoslovakia, and later Czech Republic. His jazz quartet is one of his main activities. Its lineup features some excellent musicians and its music is based on the 60s and 70s jazz, already having a strong musical identity through a 35-year-old career. The group’s repertoire consists of Milan Svoboda’s original compositions with a wide range of musical influences, from rock to classical music. The Quartet has frequently performed with top musicians such as Tony Lakatos or Jiri Stivin.

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