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Belgium 2018


Drifter (Belgium) 

Nicolas Kummert (saxophone, vocals), Alexi Tuomarila (piano, moog), Axel Gilain (bass, vocals, guitar), Teun Verbruggen (drums, live electronics) 

This group is the reformation of the quartet of the Finnish pianist Alexi Tuomarila, a famous musician of the European jazz scene who is based in Belgium and is very well-known in our country, as he has previously performed in Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival. This quartet had been performing all over the world -Europe, Australia, Japan etc.- for 20 years before making a pause. The reformation of the group, under the new name Drifter, led to a remarkable album (Flow) in 2015 leaving the audience with a sense of creatively exploring new limits of their music. The use of vocals, guitar and electronic elements brings a new style to the group’s music with the combination of freshness and precious creative experience of the past.

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