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Special Guests

Special Guests En 2015

Nicola Conte Combo

Creative and versatile musician, producer and DJ, Nicola Conte has marked the modern jazz thing in Italy, Europe and the world. Nicola Conte gives a characteristic Italian color and aroma in acid jazz, with which he was involved from his first steps in Bari's The Fez Collective and with which he continues to work through modern swingin' and lounge extensions in bossa nova and Brazilian music in general, exotica or modern jazz dub.


The City of Athens Big Band

The Athens Big Band was formed in 1998 at the initiative of virtuoso pianist Mr. Yiannis Terezakis and has since had a very active and significant presence in the music happenings in the City of Athens and all of Greece. The Athens Big Band repertoire includes performances of historic compositions and orchestrations by the pioneers of the Big Band philosophy as well as a wide spectrum of contemporary, quality jazz works.

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