Wlodek Pawlik Trio

Pianist Wlodek Pawlik is one of the most active musicians on the contemporary Polish jazz scene. Since the late seventies and early eighties, when he studied at the Warsaw Academy of Music, and later at the Hochschule fur Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Hamburg, his interest has focused on jazz, but has been open to other musical direction as well (something that is not unusual on the Polish music scene).

Appearances and distinctions have come in rapid succession for Wlodek Pawlik, while international collaboration have constituted an integral part of his activity and have been carried out regularly with American musicians like Billy Hart and Randy Brecker, from the early ’90 till today. His personal work includes approximately 15 album releases, while he also collaborates with the American group Western Jazz Quartet, performing with them in many countries around the world. He composes symphony music as well as chamber works, music for the cinema, jazz, and writes songs among other activities. He often records for radio and television and also participates in the top jazz festival in collaboration with famous musicians, like Richie Cole, Herb Geller, Scott Hamilton, Tom Knific, Billy Hart and others. The trio, however, has been one of his main means of expression for many years, and with it has recorded three albums that have earned him the title “the Horowitz of jazz”! In addition to this, Pawlik has recorded four solo albums, while his most recent release entitled “Anhelli” was inspired by the romantic poetry of Juliusz Slowacki.

Wlodek Pawlik (piano), Cezary Konrad (drums), Pawel Panta (contrabass)

Additional Info

  • Artist: Wlodek Pawlik Trio
  • Year: 2006
  • Country: Poland