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Sweden 2017

Andreas Hourdakis Trio

Andreas Hourdakis Trio (SWEDEN)
Andreas Hourdakis (guitar), Martin Höper (double bass), Ola Hultgren (drums)

The debut album of Andreas Hourdakis Trio In a barn was released last year on record label Brus & Knaster and received great reviews by swedish newspapers and international jazz publications. In a few months, the Trio will launch its next project Señor, where they play songs of the great Bob Dylan. The title is taken from the classic album Street-Legal. Classic tunes such as Lay, Lady Lay and My Back Pages have been reworked into new exciting versions by the Andreas Hourdakis Trio.

Andreas Hourdakis has frequently toured Europe and Scandinavia as a sideman and with his own projects. His playing can be heard on albums by great artists such as Magnus Öström, Jeanette Lindström, Sebastian Studnitzky, Daniel Karlsson and on co-led project/album City Nights.

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