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Sweden 2021

Bear Garden

Martin «Bear Garden» Wirén (saxophone), Calle Stenman (trumpet), Filip Tunevi (trombone), Hampus Adami (trombone), Susanna Risberg (guitar), Anton Dromberg (piano), Eirik Lund (bass), Gustav Nahlin (drums)

The music of Bear Garden is characterized by the apparent coexistence of Motown sound and strong elements drawn from the contemporary Icelandic music scene as well as the common melancholic Scandinavian mood that seeks for consolation in more sunshiny situations. During the past two-three years, the saxophonist Martin Wirén, the man behind the alias “Bear Garden”, through his albums Bear Garden (2019) and the most recent Sunshine Fruit has been establishing a fresher and more personal approach of the new modern jazz scene. His talent showed a long time ago with his musical interpretation of the Nobel Prize winner in literature 2016, Bob Dylan, standing out as the most rewarding moment of his career.

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