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Germany 2021

Botticelli baby

Marlon Bösherz (bass, vocals), Alexander Niermann (trumpet), Jörg Buttler (guitar), Lucius Nawothnig (piano), Tom Hellenthal (drums), Jakob Jentgens (saxophone), Max Wehner (trombone)

Ever since Botticelli Baby released their debut album Junk in 2018, it was a sure thing that the reputation of this groovy German band would know no borders – and this was straightaway and repeatedly confirmed through their participation and performances in noumerous regional festivals and concert venues. This album ingeniously blends various jazz styles and dancing moods, thus reflecting a unique aesthetic quality of sound that has now become the distinguishing feature of the septet. And now their new album Shaft is on the way looking to provide a more complete understanding of their music and to show that apart from an explosive sense of motion it also delivers cinematic emotion. Botticelli Baby is a creative band that we will be talking about for years to come.

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