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Denmark 2021

The KutiMangoes

Michael Blicher (saxophones, flute), Gustav Rasmusen (trombone, guitar), Aske Drasbæk (saxophones), Johannes Buhl Andresen (rhodes, keyboards), Casper Mikkelsen/Eddi Jarl (drums), Magnus Johumsen (percussion)

The starting point is Copenhagen but the final destination is the world through the roads, the mannerisms and, mainly, the rhythms of Africa and its musical diversity. Having released three albums (Afro-Fire, Made in Africa and Afrotropism) that were received with widespread enthusiasm by thrilling audiences, this 6-piece jazz ensemble brings Afrobeat from the North to the 21st century in the same authentic fashion that we were experiencing it three or four decades ago. Hot sounds and rhythms with clear African roots that can easily rise to an international music language that concerns each one of us – and us all together!


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