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Cyprus 2021


Rodrigo Cáceres (bass), Εlias Ioannou (trumpet), Gorgos Morfitis (piano), Rodos Panagiotou (drums, percussion)

Born in Cyprus, this excellent band moves towards Latin jazz and world music directions and paths. The collaboration between Chilean bassist Rodrigo Cáceres and Rodos Panagiotou, Giorgos Morfitis and Elias Ioannou brings a new air to the music scene of the island. Afrocuban & Brazilian rhythms and colours get blended through a modern jazz aesthetic and the result is recorded in the album Como Jugando which was released in 2019. Macumba have presented their frenzy dance jazz music in various festivals and concert grounds with great success. It is about time to enjoy their live music in ATJF, even from our screens.

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