Petros Klampanis Trio

Kristjan Randalu (piano) | Petros Klampanis (contrabass) | Bodek Janke (drums, percussion)

The contrabass player and composer Petros Klampanis based in New York is coming to present us a program focusing on his new fourth personal album, “Irrationalities”, which will be released sometime in 2019. Klampanis, having been heavily influenced by the Mediterranean music tradition as well as our folk songs and Balkan sounds, shows a major creative progress in contemporary jazz, thus creating a name for himself in the New York jazz scene. His personal albums (“Contextual”, “Point Two”, “Minor Dispute”. “Chroma”) have allowed him to stand out in the international jazz scene and his compositions, particularly in his last two albums, are true musical gems.

Additional Info

  • Artist: Petros Klampanis Trio
  • Year: 20162019
  • Country: Greece