Grey Paris

Yiorgos Parisis (piano, electronics) | Arian Stechert (drums, electronics) | Mark Beumer (bass, electronics)

They characterize their music as “cinematic electro-acoustic jazz and the truth is that the sound lascapes they make through enchanting, minimal and trance echorhythms are creating images so powerful that they are one of the most unique modern jazz groups. Grey Paris were formed in Berlin in 2016 and they deliberately follow a certain aesthetic path similar to that of GoGo Penguin, Nils Frahm and Fink. This musical chemistry led to their first album “Now is the Moment”, after their ideas turned into beautiful musical pieces. Nowadays, the band is under a creativity spell and is already recording its second album, “Mideia” which will probably be released in autumn 2019.

Additional Info

  • Artist: Grey Paris
  • Year: 20162019
  • Country: Greece