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18th Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival 4 - 10 June 2018

Technopolis City of Athens- Onassis Cultural Centre

18th Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival

4th -10th June 2018

#JazzBeThere: the best line-up that will make the whole city jazz

1 festival │18 years │ 7 days │ 21 groups │

 A plethora of side events and other surprises 

The 18th Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival takes place from 4th to 10th June in Technopolis City of Athens and promises to offer us 7 days of a magical jazz experience. According to the program of our favorite festival, which has now reached adulthood, the jazz stage of our city will welcome 21 ensembles including a very first participation from the USA that will give a more international sensation to the festival. This delightful atmosphere will be accompanied by great side events and surprises that will be out there very soon! 

Technopolis City of Athens has collaborated once again with the Onassis Cultural Centre and has organized a festival with a great-better than ever-line-up. At the same time, at the Upper Stage of the Onassis Cultural Centre, from 7th to 9th, the NEW GENERATION 5 Greek Jazz Panorama takes place with 3 new ensembles allowing us to enjoy their impressive improvisations with important jazz veterans. The outcome of this experiment? A jazz city all around! 

Are you ready to jazz? 

The first day of the festival in Technopolis City of Athens, Monday 4th June, is dedicated to the Greek jazz scene with appearances from the “Greek Jazz Virtuosos”: Athens Big Band feat. Dimitris Tsakas & Vassilis Xenopoulos followed by the festival’s new suggestion “Mihalis Kalkanis Live” and finally our country’s representation “John Balikos Trio”

On Tuesday 5th June we will enjoy the “Ioannou/Vafeas Quartet” (Cyprus)“Greg Lamy Quartet” (Luxembourg) and “Accordi e Disaccordi” (Italy) while on Wednesday 6th June “Drifter” (Belgium)“All Too Human” (Denmark) and “Sebastian Studnitzky “MEMENTO” orchestral experience” (Germany) will come on stage. 

On Thursday 7th June we will travel to Spain, Czech Republic and the Netherlands through the performances of “Enriquito Trio”“Milan Svoboda Quartet” και “Under the Surface” respectively. On Friday 8th June the last performance of the night will be the highly anticipated “Theo Croker” from the USA whereas we will have already enjoyed “Woody Black 4” (Austria) and “Moncef Genoud” (Switzerland). 

On Saturday 9th June we have the “Espen Berg Trio” (Norway), the “Brightbird  Trio” (Portugal) and the forever charming “Peedu Kass Momentum” (Estonia). The 18th Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival ends on Sunday 10th June with the best way possible, the “Mihály Borbély Quartet” (Hungary), “Isabella Lundgren and Carl Bagge Trio” (Sweden) και “Binker & Moses” (UK). It could not have been better!

At the same time, at Onassis Cultural Centre on the NEW GENERATION 5 Greek Jazz Panorama the following performances will take place:

Thursday 7th June: Takis Paterelis (saxophone), Giorgos Kontrafouris (piano), Panagiotis Kostopoulos (drums), Kimonas Karoutzos (contrabass), Michalis Tsiftsis (guitar).

Friday 8th June: Arion Gyftakis (contrabass), Tzortzis Tsiropoulos (tenor saxophone), Gabriele Milozzi (alto and soprano saxophone), Anastasis Gouliaris (drums).

Saturday 9th June: David Lynch (saxophones), Stavros Lantsias (piano), Vassilis Podaras (drums), Ntinos Manos (contrabass). 

During the 7 days of the 18th Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival we will have the opportunity to see the jazz version of Technopolis as its venues will host many side events and exhibitions as well as many and exciting surprises! 

Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready? #JazzBeThere

Let’s meet at the jazzier than ever Technopolis! #KatheMeraTexnopoli 

18th Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival | Artistic Director: Antonis Zouganelis

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