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Artistic Committee

Artistic Committee

The Greek participations are selected by a three-member artistic committee, composed by:

Giorgos Charonitis 

He was born Global Cretan and Anorthodox Christian. From an early age he fell in love with music, mathematics, cinema, physics, flying machines, Ennio Morricone and, of course, all the girls at Agion Anargyron High School. All this was followed by professional ambiguity and uncertainty until some random events (and unforeseen circumstances) led him to write music with lyrics from the end of the '70s. Has studied electrical engineering [at the National Technical University of Athens he learned signal and information theory (in other words, journalism!)]. His texts on music were published in the magazine "Ηχος και Hi-Fi - Audio and Hi-Fi " (1978-1988), "Αthinorama" (1988 until today - and tomorrow and the next day) and, as you know, was the publisher of the magazine "Jazz & Jazz" for 20 years (1993-2013). He loves jazz, original lounge, the avant-blues of the world, the songs of Akis Panos, Bob Dylan, Dionysis Savopoulos, Carlos Puebla and Vassilis Τsitsanis. He stopped playing the guitar as soon as he realized what Frank Zappa could do with it. The rest is known ...   

Leonidas Antonopoulos

Journalist-Radio Producer "Kosmos"

Born in Athens, 1965. He started working on public radio in 1983, while studying Political Science & Public Government at Panteion University. He hosted radio shows on music and urban culture. He jumped off radio and on press journalism as reporter, cultural editor and media columnist at Greece’s biggest daily newspaper “Ta Nea”. He got his MA from London’s City University in Communication Policy Studies (thesis was on community and local radio-tv). He co-founded Greece's first jazz radio "Jazz FM" and worked there until its shutdown 6 years later. He went back to journalism focusing on music and multicultural issues from the perspective of music, as deputy editor in chief in the biggest monthly music magazine “Difono”. He joined the Greek Public TV and Radio (ERT) team in their effort to attract younger audiences by creating tv shows on music and culture. He was part of the team that launched the groundbreaking world-contemporary music radio “Kosmos”, the most commercially successful public radio channel. He hosted various tv shows and created his own music and travel documentaries project “World Musicians”. In 2011-13, he contributed city of Athens’ radio station “Athina 9.84” as Head of Program Broadcast & Deputy General Manager focusing on developing formats and on creating media and cultural networks in Athens. After ERT’s shutdown, he coordinated the relaunch of “Kosmos” radio where, now, he hosts a 2-hour daily show. He was music consultant to the Hellenic Festival’s President Mr.G.Loukos and artistic manager of "Sounds of the World" section (2005-2011).

Giorgos Mouchtaridis

Giorgos Mouchtaridis was born in Athens. He started his career in journalism very early, as a music editor/reporter for the magazines Ichos (Sound), Hi Fi, Eptamisi (Seven and a Half), Ikones (Images) the Kyriakatiki Eleftherotypia magazine “7”, Metro and M-Press. As a radio producer he worked for the 4th Program and the radio show Radiosynefoula, and in the radio stations Pop FM, Rythmos and for Kosmos and Pepper as a producer and director from 2003 to date.